Young Shits - Summer 2016

The Client - Created for Nicole Lulinski's Young Shits brief in the summer of 2016. 

The Objective - Following a melanoma scare Nicole realized the importance of sunscreen. Upon arriving at this conclusion, she simultaneously realized how little people are doing to prevent this incredibly common form of cancer. Sure, people wear sunscreen when they're headed to the beach or spending the day by the pool, but hardly anyone wears sunscreen in their day-to-day lives. Nicole challenged us to get people to slather on sunscreen everyday. 

The Challenge - There are many reasons people don't use sunscreen everyday. Everything from the desire to be tan to plain old misinformation proved to be motivating factors in avoiding sunscreen. In the end, we found the most common reason people don't wear sunscreen is simply indifference. People aren’t willing to make sunscreen a part of their daily routine because they feel that it's unnecessary. 

The Concept - touch me. We realized the biggest problem with sunscreen was that there is no immediate gratification. The only benefits sunscreen provides are less-immediate ones like avoiding a sunburn later in the day, or cancer later in life. Using sunscreen is like flossing: it’s something that everyone knows they should be doing, yet few people do because there’s no immediate gratification like there is with toothpaste. 

Whether you’ve experienced it first-hand or absorbed it through pop culture, having sunscreen applied is a common point of reference. There’s nothing more immediate than human touch. That is the immediate gratification we found in sunscreen. It’s the best feeling sunscreen can give you. And it's a feeling that only sunscreen can give you.

The Presentation