Victor or Barny?

The Client - The Portland State Vikings are Portland State University's NCAA Division 1 football team.

The Objective - Our team set out to increase the number of attendees at Vikings football games. We wanted to increase participation not only within the student body, but within the city of Portland as a whole. 

The Challenge - Having just come off a successful 2015 football season, the Vikings had made it to the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. Their coach Bruce Barnum was awarded FCS Coach of the Year and received recognition for the team on a national level. It was time to segue that publicity into city-wide recognition. Portland already had successful basketball, soccer, and hockey teams to rally behind, but football was noticeably absent. We needed to give Portland a football team.

The Concept - Victor or Barny is establishing two entirely new Portland figures by asking the audience which of our two heroes was more likely to have completed outlandish tasks such as wolf riding and anvil kicking. 

We discovered that if the Vikings wanted Portland to embrace them, they had to embrace Portland. Photographed by Chris Hornbecker, this campaign was designed to weave the team's two most recognizable figures into Portland's tapestry by showing that they are undeniably Portland.

In addition to the outdoor campaign our team crafted multiple pre- and in-game activities including jumbotron interactions, chant booklets, street fairs, and dance competitions. We wanted to reinforce the fact that the Vikings were Portland, and the only way to do that was to become more Portland

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