At this point I've talked to countless people from all across the advertising world. Whether it's an informational interview at an agency, or just meeting up with a friend over drinks to talk about the creative struggle, it's bound to come up eventually:

The hiring process is like dating.

It's far from an original comparison, but the reason it's so pervasive is because it's damn accurate. The idea is that each interview is like a "date" where both parties are seeing if they like the other. You may be invited back to their place for an internship, and (if things work out) you just might end up in a long-term relationship with them. True as it may be, it's an easy comparison to make, and I've heard it enough.

Inspired by this shockingly-persistent analogy and this rapper's tweet I decided to create taydate.com. It's the world's most exclusive hiring site where you can only be matched with one person: me. 

Taking that dating analogy and carrying it to its logical conclusion, Taydate is a hiring website disguising itself as a dating website. So go ahead, take our proprietary survey and mingle with your match. We guarantee you'll be happy with your results or your money back. 


The World’s Most Exclusive Hiring Site