Sadie the Lady Milkman

The Client - Sunshine is a Portland-based dairy that offers a wide array of products from milk, sour cream, and coffee creamer to co-branded products like Stumptown Cold Brew and Moonstruck Drinking Chocolate.

The Objective - 2016 was shaping up to be a banner year for Sunshine as they began slowly expanding into more "mainstream" grocery stores (i.e. Fred Meyers) in addition to the "specialty" stores (i.e. Whole Foods) that they typically call home. We needed to let Portlanders know who Sunshine is and why they should care. 

The Challenge - Sunshine has operated almost exclusively in the business-to-business realm for over 80 years. Despite the company's staying power and personal endorsement by some of the top chefs and baristas in America's best food city, Sunshine has had limited success in the direct to consumer market. As they ramped up for a wider rollout of their products they needed a way to appeal to consumers and let them know what makes Sunshine special. 

The Concept - Sadie The Lady Milkman. Sunshine needed a spokesperson to tie their communications together, someone who could show off their pre-existing products and introduce the public to new ones. Thus Sadie The Lady Milkman was born. Sadie is a Portland native with a quirky, left-of-center personality who our audience could identify with. More importantly, she embodied Sunshine and represented a singular figure who had established relationships with respected chefs, baristas, and bakers. These professionals have been using Sunshine for decades unbeknownst to the public. 

Sadie was introduced through a series of ads in Portland Monthly, a radio campaign recorded with Lance Limbocker, and a complete takeover of Sunshine's social media.