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Huts for Hope Rebranding

The Client - Huts For Hope is a charitable organization that builds small portable shelters for the homeless in the Pacific Northwest.

The Objective - We wanted to legitimize Huts For Hope as a reliable charitable organization in the eyes of the public. While these shelters will not end homelessness, we wanted to show that these huts offered a viable solution to Portland's homeless problem. Our goal was to define Huts For Hope and inspire people to donate to their cause.

The Challenge - Due to the stigma that accompanies homelessness, it is a multi-faceted issue that must be approached with tact. Additionally, Huts For Hope had a nearly-nonexistent online presence, with not so much as a website to their name. 

The Concept - Huts for Hope. After generating dozens of "big ideas" for different social media and guerrilla campaigns, we realized Huts For Hope's biggest issue was their online presence. Getting someone to donate to a cause is one thing, but if they physically can't donate, then that's a bigger problem. Because of this we instead focused on designing the company's website from the ground up, using it as a platform to tell the story of both the company and its founder, Richard Nichols.