Halo Gives Your Car A Voice

Halo Automotive is a telematics company that sells their platform as an add-on through car dealerships. Halo shows users their car's exact location and lets them know if it gets hit, towed, or stolen. Because Halo's hardware plugs directly into the car, it can also tell customers exactly what their vehicle's cryptic check engine lights mean. Halo partners directly with dealerships so its users can schedule service for those check engine lights (or regular maintenance) within seconds all from the app. 

I was brought onto the Halo team in December of 2016 as a copywriter, within a month I was hired full-time as the brand director to help develop the brand's voice, guidelines, and style. Once the brand was formed we spent the remainder of the spring ramping up to a high-profile launch at our first dealership, the largest in Oregon. 


You can read more about our launch here (ghostwritten by me) or read greater detail about the creative deliverables here (fully written by me).

Mid-July over $100k in inventory was stolen from our first dealership's lot. Halo helped the dealership work with local police to recover the vehicles within 24 hours.
After this, Halo received media coverage from
KGW, KATUFOX, and Portland Business Journal.


Halo Brand Book